Who We Are?

Falinwa is ERP integrator and consulting firm. We are Odoo gold partner in three countries (China. France, and Indonesia) and chosen as one of the top three best starters in 2014 and 2016 in Asia Pacific. With more than 10 years of experience in outsourced financial services, IT systems, and business intelligence, Falinwa has offices in 3 countries and has 30 employees.

In France and China, our teams are experts in ERP processes (Sales, Purchases, Finance, and Manufacturing) and implement made-to-measure ERP systems. In France, we are certified as an official training organization. In Indonesia, our in-house team (no outsourcing) manages our infrastructure, develops all specific/made-to-measure ERP functions and is responsible for technical project management.


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Nicolas Rosseau-Chenu

Nicolas Rosseau-Chenu began his career as CFIO (Chief Financial Information Officer) in China. After that Nicolas had a career as a financial consultant who helped solve his client's financial problems. 

The growing need for ERP system that can support the client business that continues to increase Nicolas chose Odoo as auxiliary system then, Nicolas decided to establish Falinwa Group, as a service provider Finance Consulting and Odoo Partner. 

In Falinwa, we follow strict procedures and provide a high-quality solutions


Functional business and financial consultants analyze your needs and answer your questions.

Project Scope 

We agree on the project’s scope, which modules bring the most added value, which one needs to be developed.

Module Installation

For big projects, we ship progressively using priorities; For any projects, you can usually get started within a few days. .

Database Test 

We add more features over time, everything is modular and can be added to your production server as we go.


After testing and correction, we deliver the final version and train your team to use it. Our goal is to make sure knowledge is transferred to the client.

Technical Support 

We offer "learn and go" courses that explain how to use it; After the implementation of Odoo system, we still offer technical support services.

Falinwa Group is Certified Odoo Gold Partner 

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